Now this is utterly adorable.

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Can we talk about how much Damian’s relationship has changed with Bruce since their series began? These two panels say a lot I think. The first is from B&R #1. Damian is not relaxed in his new home. He doesn’t let Bruce touch him and he just acts like a soldier ready for battle. Without any prompting, he wakes. The second is from the most recent B&R #13. First, no longer sleeping so ninja like. He’s curled up on the family pet. It’s rather adorable actually. He’s relaxed and feels comfortable in his element. Bruce actually walks in and watches him for a moment. It’s a normal parent thing, watch your kid while they sleep. Not in creepy way, but in a doting way. Bruce actually touches his shoulder and while Damian jumps up ready to fight. It’s not in the same cold manner as before. It shows how much these two have grown to trust each other.

If you are reading no other Bat titles beside plain old Batman. I encourage people to pick up this series. Every issue has been excellent!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

In the second scenario, Titus even woofs softly at Bruce, and Damian still feels comfortable enough to stay asleep. This is a huge change, especially given that Damian was sleeping so lightly before that he was able to hear Bruce’s approach and intercept his hand.

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Tiniest of Robins.

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