You can read an almost 3,000 word piece on Young Avengers, the current state of Marvel comics, and how superhero comics work on Tumblr

a) right now

b) tomorrow when I’ve added links and pictures and proofed the stupid bits

c) never!

Meanwhile I’m off to bed.

Option b is now available. Pictures! In one of my blog posts! It’s a wonder.

This is an incredible piece (and I’m definitely not just saying that because I get mentioned) and although I have a Kirby-dot-generating migraine trying to split my head in two, I am going to read it again as soon as I’ve posted this.

It’s about Tumblr and fandom and liking things and talking about them and crucially, it’s extremely smart about superhero comics. The bit about moments is the most on-the-money I’ve seen Tom for some time, which is saying something indeed given how incredibly on-the-money he is.

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» Hey, why are comics so expensive?


WELL, question I asked myself, the fact of the matter is, this question goes far, far back, and even ties into the question of ‘why is there so little visible genre diversity in comics?’ So let’s get to it.

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Last page of our Point One. 

Come to me, the beautiful. strong, kind and numerous. We will be the very best of friends.

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I might be slightly obsessed with Journey into Mystery.

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